These are Chrome Extensions and standalone programs to speed up your Talent Sourcing.
I missed a good tool? Please tell me

Chrome Extensions

Better History

A better look at your browsing history. The best searching, the sharpest interface, and the most useful filters – for your history. Free

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Contact Out

An extension to find email adresses of LinkedIn profiles. Huge database. Free trial.

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When working on the web, it’s easy to get distracted. This tool helps you to stay focused by blocking your impulse to visit the usual „time thiefs“. Many configuration options to tailor your wishes. Free

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When visiting a GitHub user, you’ll now see the email address and a ranking of it’s strongest programming language. Free.

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Tidy Bookmarks

Access bookmarks much faster through a popup menu. There’s also a handy search field. Free.

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Standalone Programs


The next time when your hard drive is running low of space you can use this tool to find the space killers and finally delete or move them. Freeware.

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The free yet powerful alternative to Adobe Photoshop

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You want to do a quick calculation? Forget the Windows Calculator. CalcTape is your friend! It loads faster than the light and visualizes the whole calculation so you can easily check for possible typos. Also, you can write comments everywhere. Calculations have never been clearer and faster. Free.

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The best and most popular free mindmapping program. There is a free version that can be upgraded to a full version via a license key. The download link for the free version is hard to find. So you better use this direct link:

Official Website

Note: „XMind: Zen“ is NOT free.